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Gas Services FAQ's

All gas fires are fitted with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS), and all fires have a flame failure device (FFD) for complete safety and peace of mind.

What is an oxygen depletion sensor and a flame supervision device?
An Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) detects when oxygen levels in the room fall below a specified level and cause the pilot flame to lift away from the sensing probe. This activates the flame failure device (FFD), which cuts off the gas supply to the fire and renders the appliance safe.

Manual – Rotary Control
All our manual control gas fires feature a piezo spark ignition therefore do not require a battery or mains power supply to operate.This is benefit as you only need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install your fire and not a qualified electrician in addition.

Manual – Fingerslide
Our Fingerslide control gas fires do not require a battery or mains power supply to operate however, do require a battery (supplied) for ignition. This is located below the burner.

Remote Control
Our Remote control fires do not require a mains supply but do require a battery (supplied) for ignition. The remote control also requires batteries.

Choosing the correct air vent for your flueless gas fire is critical if you want to enjoy the full benefits of a flueless gas fire – energy efficiency and heat.

The vent is there to add fresh air to the room – not to take air out.

  • What do you mean by 100cm² ventilation? The 100cm² air vent specified in our Installation & User Manual state a “minimum amount of free air” – this is not the size of the vent (a common misconception) but is the volume of air which passes through the vent.
  • What happens if I do not have the right size air vent? If a smaller vent is fitted the fire installation will not be signed off by a Gas Safe registered engineer. In additiion it will cause the fire to be unreliable and shutdown. The same will happen if the vent is blocked.
  • What is the pupose of an air vent? The purpose is to provide fresh air ventilation to replenish the air used by the flueless gas fire. It is not to take air out.
  • Who can install my air vent?  An air vent is fitted by the same Gas Safe engineer who is fitting your fire. This is because they must be fitted in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions otherwise this could affect your

A Gas Safe Registered gas cooker installer must be the only person to install your new gas appliance. This is to ensure the appliance has been installed in accordance with the Gas Safe regulations and is safe.

All Gas Safe registered professionals will carry a photo ID Gas Safe card. On the back of the card there will be a list of appliances which each individual gas cooker installer is qualified to work on. You can check if a gas cooker installer is Gas Safe registered by visiting or by calling 0800 408 5500

Flame safety devices are very important safety devices which ensure a gas supply is turned off to a burner in the event that the burner does not ignite or that the flame has been extinguished. New regulations require gas cookers installed in a flat or multi-dwelling building to have a flame safety device (FSD) fitted to the hob – see individual models for details.

Yes. After any new gas cooker has been installed it is a legal requirement to have a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) issued to ensure the appliance has been installed in accordance with the Gas Safe regulations.

Freestanding cookers require a minimum of 610mm clearance above the grill with a further 20mm either side of the appliance. Hobs should have a minimum clearance of 750mm from the hob to the cooker hood. Any wall units either side of the hood must be at least 366mm above and a further 300mm clearance is required if the hob is being installed next to flammable materials.

A gas appliance may have to be plugged into your electric mains because the electric is used for the ignition to create a spark for the gas to latch on to. You may also need electricity if your appliance comes with a light (e.g. a light in the oven)

The running costs of a gas fire can be calculated quite simply using the following calculation: Running Cost = Energy Input (gross) x Your Gas Bill Tariff.Example for a Blenheim High Efficiency Gas Fire: Energy Input (gross) 5.0kW x Gas Bill Tariff (gross) 3.80p/kWh = Running Cost 19.0p per hour.

Your Gas Bill Tariff figure can be taken from a recent gas bill. Alternatively contact your gas provider for this information.

This price is provided by uSwitch on the 10th June 2020 and is based upon a customer paying monthly by direct debit on a dual fuel tariff.