Chimney Testing & Relining

Flue integrity testing

We are able to carry out two types of tests –

  • Open pot test – smoke is released in the fireplace opening, and higher floor levels are checked for smoke leakage. It is also checked that smoke is only exiting through one pot, and not two or more which would indicate leakage between flues. This test can be carried out as part of a normal sweep.
  • Closed pot -This is potentially a more accurate test as it involves partially closing the chimney pot, allowing more time for smoke to find cracks in the flueways. The negative is that it is more expensive as it involves us accessing the chimney stack. This type of test must be requested in advance, so that we can check access is possible with ladders.

Relining of chimneys

Should chimneys fail either of the above tests, Flamecheck are able to carry out relining of chimneys – this results in 100% flue integrity – Guaranteed for 25 years!

Pots and cowls – These can be supplied and fitted by us.

Camera surveys – Our engineers carry the latest HD chimney cameras on their vans – please ask for a demonstration.

Woodburning stoves and Chimney Lining – (Available in certain geographical areas only)